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April 2016

Call Night With John Jones Real Estate

Chalk up March 24th as another successful call night at John Jones Real Estate. Every 3rd Thursday of the month we gather together as a company from 6-8pm and make cold calls LIVE on Facebook. A good time is always had by all so please join us for this month's shenanigans on Thursday April 21st at 6pm. Who knows, this month we may be calling YOU!



Murfreesboro is a hot seller’s market!  What does this mean? Well, in a seller’s market that means that there is more demand than there is supply and there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to buy a home but finding out that it has already sold. Buying a home in a seller’s market requires a great deal of planning and there’s no way to guarantee success in a seller’s market, but these tips should help you get ahead of the competition.
Get Pre-approved for a mortgage—the buyers who get the house in a competitive market are the one who come prepared, having a pre-approval letter is mean you know what you can afford to get. 
Don’t wait- Good homes move fast! If you see a home hit the market that you like don’t wait to see it, call your agent right away to schedule an appointment to see it! 
If you write a good offer, a fast offer and a clean offer, your chances of acceptance are far better than those of a buyer who is unprepared.  
If you have any questions regarding your real estate needs please do not hesitate to call the Jones Team at 615-867-In honor of Memorial Day, The Jones Team would like to personally thank all of the brave individuals who have served our country and allowed us to live freely. We are all extremely lucky to live in such a wonderful country and are forever thankful for the heroes who protect us all.
Here are a few interesting facts about the day of remembrance:
1. Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day: Women and their children used to "decorate" the graves of fallen soldiers with wreaths and flowers.
2. It was originally celebrated on May 30th. Congress changed the date to the last Monday in May in order to have a three-day weekend.
3. The national time of remembrance is 3:00pm. Congress asks that during this time, everyone pause in silence for one minute.
4. May 1st, 1865 was the first large observance of the holiday. Missionaries, teachers and almost 10,000 freed slaves joined together in Charleston, SC to honor those who had died.
5. Memorial Day also marks as the beginning of summer. For many Americans, the day is celebrated with picnics, BBQs and weekend trips. 

Don't Worry, Be Happy y'all.

Michael Hyatt, a Tennessee author, speaker and former CEO, wrote a blog a while back on five perils of “negaholism” and the transformative value of optimism. Here at John Jones Real Estate, we pride ourselves on doing good work and having fun in the process. We like to think that staying upbeat and not taking ourselves too seriously is part of our charm. You can check out the rest of Hyatt's blog here. And hey, don't let the man get you down. 


5 DIY Projects For Real Cheap

Been thinking about your next DIY project? Whether you've been tossing around ideas for enhancing your home's landscaping or adding more storage space, check out these 5 projects you can tackle yourself in just two days. That's a whole lot of productivity in just one weekend, folks. Now get to work! 

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