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February 2015

Winter Weather Part 2

Punxsutawney Phil seems to be on track with his prediction of 6 more weeks of winter.  Despite daffodil shoots appearing in flower beds and March starting this weekend, it appears another round of winter wonderland potential is headed our way in Middle Tennessee.  Just in case you're still thawing out from last week or still staggering from electric bill sticker shock, we've gathered a few tips to help you keep warm and toasty for the rest of this winter. 

-Set the thermostat to 68 degrees. It never hurt to walk around your home in a sweater and fuzzy socks! If you've got a programmable thermostat, you can adjust accordingly based on whether or not you are home.

-Wrap all exterior faucets with styrofoam, newspaper or other insulating materials.  If your hot water heater or any other heating is located outside of the main dwell, also insulate it as well as possible. 

-Leave your faucets dripping at night. If the sound is bothersome, tie a piece of string or floss around the faucet and the drips will roll down the string/floss quietly. 

-Carefully knock ice, snow, stray limbs and other yard debris away from your heating unit to keep it running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

-Change your air filters.  When your units have been running as hard and often as required this winter, changing the air filters in your home regularly keeps dust, dirt and debris from building up, thus draining efficiency. 

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Murfreesboro is a hot seller’s market!  What does this mean? Well, in a seller’s market that means that there is more demand than there is supply and there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to buy a home but finding out that it has already sold. Buying a home in a seller’s market requires a great deal of planning and there’s no way to guarantee success in a seller’s market, but these tips should help you get ahead of the competition.
Get Pre-approved for a mortgage—the buyers who get the house in a competitive market are the one who come prepared, having a pre-approval letter is mean you know what you can afford to get. 
Don’t wait- Good homes move fast! If you see a home hit the market that you like don’t wait to see it, call your agent right away to schedule an appointment to see it! 
If you write a good offer, a fast offer and a clean offer, your chances of acceptance are far better than those of a buyer who is unprepared.  
If you have any questions regarding your real estate needs please do not hesitate to call the Jones Team at 615-867-In honor of Memorial Day, The Jones Team would like to personally thank all of the brave individuals who have served our country and allowed us to live freely. We are all extremely lucky to live in such a wonderful country and are forever thankful for the heroes who protect us all.
Here are a few interesting facts about the day of remembrance:
1. Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day: Women and their children used to "decorate" the graves of fallen soldiers with wreaths and flowers.
2. It was originally celebrated on May 30th. Congress changed the date to the last Monday in May in order to have a three-day weekend.
3. The national time of remembrance is 3:00pm. Congress asks that during this time, everyone pause in silence for one minute.
4. May 1st, 1865 was the first large observance of the holiday. Missionaries, teachers and almost 10,000 freed slaves joined together in Charleston, SC to honor those who had died.
5. Memorial Day also marks as the beginning of summer. For many Americans, the day is celebrated with picnics, BBQs and weekend trips. 

Lakefront Properties

24 days until spring, and most of us are ready for warmer weather games and lifestyles.  Check out these listings on the lake!

169 West Park Court, Smithville, TN


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Hitting the Market on January 24th, 2015

8847 Short Creek Road, Christiana, TN

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, $60,000

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