Canon EOS 7D Review - Real Estate Technology - Photography

Well, that's a very bold question. It could! The Canon EOS 7D not only expands on the functions of the uber-cool (and uber-expensive) Canon 5D Mark II but it actually simplifies them too. You can check out all the specs here.

Canon EOS 7DFor real estate agents this camera will put bothan 18mp (mega pixel) DSLR camera and a full HD video camera in your hands for under $2000 ($1700 for the body only or $1900 with the lens) making it about $800 cheaper than the 5DMKII. This is great for all you would be videographersout there who want to shoot video of your home listings or just post a video blog. The camera has a cool in-camera trim feature (only for the beginning and end of the video) and can record either 1080p at 30 fps (or 25 or 24) or 720p at 60p. It records with the H.264 codec which is now the web standard and outputs to a .MOV file, making your footage ready for upload to YouTube or what-have-you straight out of the camera. The built in mono microphone is expected to be "only OK" like the 5DMK2's and probably not as good as the Nikon D90's (but that's OK because you're all going to be using the stereo mic input anyway RIGHT). Here's some footage so you can see this baby in action.


And for those of you who think that looks to good to be true for your untrained or unskilled hands here's what to expect as a novice. And if you're REALLY concerned about the video functions of the Canon EOS 7D read this.

For your photos you'll love the addition of a built-in flash. For you real estate photographers out there, the wireless flash control will also be a great new feature, as will the 7D's new dual axis electronic level. As we all expected, it has autobracketing so HDR photography should be as easy as pie. The new custom controls feature will keep all of your favorite functions handy.

The EOS 7D also has a new viewfinder allowing a 100% view of your shot, making framing your shot easier and cutting down on Photoshop time cropping later. It has an upgraded autofocus and from what I can tell the low light sensitivity looks pretty darn good. What more could we ask for you ask. Essentially nothing. I'd prefer a full 35mm sensor the the APS-C CMOS sensor, but that's just personal taste because of my lens collection. Now it looks like I'll be adding a new wide angle lens to my collection to cope with the 1.6x cropping but other than that the 35mm Canon lenses should be manageable.

When and where can I get one you ask? The release date is "Late September", that reminds me of a song by some good friends (see player below), but word on the street is that pre-orders from Best Buy ship October 15th and I expect B&H will have a similar timeline.


So why do I think the Canon EOS 7D has the potential to change our industry? Simply put it can improve your pictures whether it's by sheer quality or wider lenses and will put the power of professional flash and/or HDR photography into just about any Realtor's hands (a quick study here can aid you with that). Meanwhile, real estate agents will be able to do videos of homes (which you'll post and syndicate via and start or improve on their video blogs. This camera has everything you need in one handy-dandy little package that won't break the bank.