A few years ago when real estate was booming, the difference between agents was much less pronounced.  However, in today’s more difficult market, your choice of Realtor could save or cost you thousands of dollars in the sale of your home.  Here are just a few areas where your choice of real estate agent can make a huge difference:


Market Knowledge

Today it’s a different world when it comes to pricing a house to sell.  It used to be that you could just price yours a little higher than the last one that sold in your neighborhood and your selling worries were over.  In the current market, if you don’t look at home inventory absorption rates when pricing your house, it can easily stagnate on the market for months; and in most cases, homes that sit end up selling for less than those priced correctly on the front end.



Few agents possess the unique combination of money and knowledge required to stay on the cutting edge of marketing homes.  In addition to all of the traditional advertising outlets, today’s top agents need expertise in such areas as IDX technology, search engine optimization (both organic and pay-per-click), web video, and listing syndication, as well as the necessary resources to pay for proper implementation that leads to maximum exposure of your home to potential buyers. Marketing is a full time job. Agents who try to sell your home using a yard sign, the MLS, and a prayer just don’t have the right tools to be effective in today’s market.


Support Staff

If your listing agent is out showing homes and a potential buyer calls with a question about your home, who answers the phone?  Employing a real estate team to sell your home is now more important than ever.  Having a well-trained, live person answering every buyer call provides the best opportunity to convert that prospect into the purchaser of your home.  Other support staff, such as Listing and Closing Coordinators, make sure important details are covered in a timely fashion and that little issues are discovered and dealt with long before they become deal-killing problems.


If you were going on a trip, would you rather stay at the Ritz Carlton or the Motel 6?  There is the same distinction in service level between the best and an average real estate agent.  In a difficult market, a top-flight Realtor’s value is immeasurable.