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Today's Tuesday Morning Coffee is inspired by Anthony Robles, who turned his discouraging circumstance into an opportunity to excel.

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JOHN:  Hey, guys.  John Jones here with another edition of Tuesday Morning Coffee.  Guys, spring is in the air.  That’s kind of a great time for us in the real estate business.  The birds are chirping; the sun is out; the weather’s warmed up; buyers are moving around.  It’s also an awesome time of year if you’re a sports fan.  March Madness this weekend.  It was awesome.  It was wild.  It was fun.  If you’re a sports fan, you can’t help but get caught up in it.  But the most notable sports achievement this weekend in my opinion or the one that really inspired me was a young man by the name of Anthony Robles who won the 125-pound NCAA Wrestling Championship.

What’s unique about Anthony, as you’re going to see from some of the footage we’re showing you, is Anthony did it on one leg.  Unheard of.  Anthony was born with one leg and didn’t even start wrestling until he was a freshman in high school.  You’ve got to remember, most wrestlers that get to that level or that are that good started when they were six or seven years old or maybe even younger.  Anthony didn’t start until he was a freshman in high school.  In fact, lost many of his matches his freshman year in high school.  But what Anthony did is he took what most of us would call a disability or disadvantage and he turned it into a positive.

And he learned a unique style and played on his strengths with incredible upper body strength to take that and propel him to become a national champion.  And I started thinking what an inspiring story.  When they interviewed Anthony, the interviewer asked him, “Anthony, are there ever days when you wish you had two legs?”  And he said, “You know what?  I do not.  And the reason is because God made me this way.  And God made me uniquely, and I want to take what God gave me and do the best I possibly can.”

And can’t we all say that?  Shouldn’t we all say that?  I know right now with the way things are going and a lot of people are having hard times, it’s so easy to be a victim.  It’s so easy to make excuses.  But watch this young man.  We all have unique abilities.  Somewhere along the line, we’ve lost some of our unique abilities, our unique voice, but we all have it and we’ve got to find it.  And if you need to be inspired, watch this guy’s story.  Go to Google and learn about this fellow because he took something that most of us would say, “What a tough break.”  And he’s an NCAA champion today.

And he used it as a strength.  We all have that ability to do that.  How many of us are striving to do that?  I know I’m inspired.  I know by just watching this young man I want to be better.  I want to do better things.  And I know I can do better.  So I hope you enjoyed this episode of Tuesday Morning Coffee.  Stay with us next week and if you need anything with your real estate needs, 867-3020.  Thank you.