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Where do you get the most bang for your buck when making improvments to your home before selling it? It differs across the country but these are the three key places to put your money and elbow grease to get you more money for your home in the Murfreesboro real estate marketplace.

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JOHN:  Hey, John Jones here with another edition of Tuesday Morning Coffee.  Guys, today as the spring selling season approaches and I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls about folks having me coming out and looking at their home.  The first thing they want to know is, “John, what do we need to do to sell this home.  What are the smartest things we can do to sell this home that’s going to help us get more money or net the most money?”  So let’s talk about them real quick.

If you’re out there thinking about selling your home, let me give you three or four things that are must do’s if you’re getting ready to prepare to sell your home.  The first thing, cleanliness.  Get that thing clean inside and out.  Declutter, start throwing things away.  Decluttering, moving things out of that house that you don’t need.  Another thing, paint.  Paint is the simplest, cheapest thing you can do that has the most profound effect on a home.

We hate to paint most of us, but I‘m telling you, it’s one of the best things you can do whether the house just needs paint or maybe there’s some dark colors or some colors we need to neutralize, painting is huge.  Plus, it gives it that smell.  A new paint smell is huge when somebody is looking at a home.  Also, flooring, carpeting.  It’s almost impossible to sell a home with nasty carpet.  If your home needs new carpet, put in new carpet.  Don’t try to do an allowance.

People cannot visually see an allowance, but they can see dirty carpet.  So carpet is huge.  For the penalty you take for not putting in the new carpet, it’s definitely worth doing.  Landscaping outside, everything trimmed, everything remulched, everything looking perfect, deweeded, all that stuff.  Those are three or four things that are a must when you’re getting ready to sell your house.  The next level I would probably go to would be updating some lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures.  Those also usually aren’t huge ticket items to kind of bring up to date.

Another big thing today is door hardware.  Brass is kind of going out, so your polished or your brushed nickel or your antique bronze or brushed bronze are becoming more popular.  Also, another thing, door hardware, those kinds of things.  Another not real expensive thing to change out.  Yeah, it’s kind of a pain, but it’s not that expensive.  Those are your tips.  Call me if we can help you.  We also offer a free 1-hour stager to come and check out your home.  So we’d love to help you any way we can.  Please give us a call.