I'd like to introduce all the "would be" video bloggers who just think vlogging seems like to much trouble to Serious Magic's relatively obscure software Vlog It! available through Adobe and various other outlets. Somehow I missed it's release and haven't heard much about it but finally stumbled across it by accident over the weekend.

For a very affordable $29 you get a lot of functionality if you're looking for a simple solution for starting a Vlog (hereafter referred to as "video blog" because "vlog" sounds ridiculous). Vlog It! is not by any means robust enough for heavy editing but if you believe in keeping things simple this software is for you. All you need is a webcam and your off and running. Want to add basic blue/green screen background effects? Check. Want a teleprompter so you don't forget the script, lyrics, or what-have-you? Check. Want to add titles to your video? Vlog It! can do that too.

I simply haven't found any other software that offers such an inexpensive entry into the wonderful word of video blogs! Don't take my word for it . . . here and here are some other reviews I found.

Looking to take your video blog to the next level? Check out this post!


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