Real Estate Technology

The original idea was to use the Insignia 5.0 MP Digital HD Camcorder (which also has a photo function) coupled with an Eye-Fi memory card to produce geo-coded videos that could be uploaded from anywhere. The salespeople at Best Buy could not say for sure whether the Eye-Fi card would handle video so I thought I'd just give it a try. While the combination did work with photos the memory card did not auto-upload the videos. However it did geocode both the photos and videos.

I can definitely see a place for the Eye-Fi wireless memory card in the real estate industry
(it even uploads automatically to so you can make one-click virtual tours), but I think it may be much more plausible in a more metropolitan area. Eye-Fi currently has "hotspots" (places where it will automatically upload and geocode from, besides your programmed networks) in a number of hotel chains and McDonalds but there are only 4 of these hotspots in Murfreesboro so the Eye-Fi card becomes relatively pointless in our immediate area.

The Insignia camcorder has since been returned and I'm waiting on a backordered Flip Mino HD which I hope to be reporting on soon. Stay tuned!

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