This week Tim Dutton takes Taste of the Town to Gyro Tabouli on Old Fort Parkway in Murfreesboro. Tim interviews the owner, Ashraf Mikhail, and samples some of the Mediterranean and Greek flavors this up and coming 'Boro eatery has to offer.

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TIM:  Tim Dutton here with another edition of Taste of the Town.  Today, we are at Gyros Tabouli.  Ash, did I say that right?

ASH:  Yes, sir.  Almost.  Yeah.  Very close.

TIM:  Where they focus on Mediterranean food.  I’m sitting here with Ash Mikhail, and Ash, tell me a little bit about your restaurant and what you do here.

ASH:  Yeah.  We serve special Greek food and we have some Mediterranean food.  Our best plate will be the gyro plate.  It will be beef and lamb.  Mix it together with Greek spice and serve it a bed of hummus.  Hummus is a good appetizer.  It’s a good Mediterranean appetizer from chick peas and tahini sauce and lemon juice, olive oil.  It has a lot of good stuff.

TIM:  Now what are we setting in front of here, Ash?

ASH:  That one is gyro with hummus underneath the gyro meat.  This is hummus, we do fresh made hummus every day.  We make it from scratch and we do it with our spices.  It’s good, Tim?  The best hummus in the town?

TIM:  It is.

ASH:  Yes, sir.

TIM:  Actually, it’s very good.  Now what is the hummus?  What is in this?

ASH:  It’s chick peas or garbanzo beans.  We soak it and blend it and we put with the tahini sauce.  We put olive oil, lemon juice, fresh garlic.  And we put black pepper and salt and we mix it. Great with the gyro or with the chicken.

TIM:  And your bread.  Tell me a little bit about the bread.

ASH:  Pita bread is the original Greek bread, special made for Greek food.

TIM:  Mm-hm.  I’m going to take a taste of it.

ASHWe have a company does that for us and ship it especially for us.

TIM:  That’s good.  Now what do we have here?

ASH:  Salad.  We have two kinds of salad.  We have Tabouli salad and we have the Greek salad.  Tabouli salad is mainly parsley, onion, garlic, tomato, dry wheat, olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper, salt, and special Greek spices

TIM:  Folks, I’m going to tell you something.  If you come here, you’re not going to be in Murfreesboro anymore.  You’re going to be somewhere in Greece.

ASH:  All right.

TIM:  This is some very good food.

ASH:  Thank you.

TIM:  Ash, tell folks where you’re located.  If they wanted to come in and see you, where are you located?

ASH:  We’re located 2706 Old Fort Parkway, Suite B.  We are across from Auto Zone.  We are next plaza to Sam’s Club, and we just started business almost a year ago.  We love Murfreesboro.  We love our customers here.  We do the best service for them.

TIM:  And folks, just come out Franklin Road and they’re going to be on your right, right beside Auto Zone.  Now Ash, do you have a special for the people that come in and say they saw you guys on Taste of the Town?

ASH:  Yes, of course, we will do that.  What we will do is 10% off and we’ll give them free items.  If they saw this, we welcome them, we give them some free dessert, or a free appetizer, and let them taste our special.  Every day, my chefs, they do a special food, special for the day.  Lentil soup.  He does good Lentil soup.  He also does a special on the grill.  So upon your request, he’ll let you try some food.  Every time you visit us, you’ll be happy and full.

TIM:  And you will want to come back.  Well, folks, it’s time for me to enjoy this good food.  And remember, if you’re thinking real estate, think Tim Dutton.