John Jones Real Estate - Murfreesboro based Author Steve Elder - "How Much More Longer"

In this episode of Tuesday Morning Coffee John Jones talks with Murfreesboro based Author, Financial Advisor, and Business/Life Coach Steve Elder about his new book "How Much More Longer". Read more from Steve and sign up for his newsletter at


JOHN:  Hey, John Jones here with another edition of Tuesday Morning Coffee, here today with a good friend of mine sitting to my left, your right named Steve Elder.  Steve just wrote a book called “How Much More Longer.”  And I’ve got to admit when he told me he was writing a book, I kind of scratched my head a little bit.  But he gave me a copy.  I started reading it and I forgot it was a buddy writing it.  It was so good.  And I really, really enjoyed it.  And kind of my takeaway, Steve, was it was a book about you and your life and your journey. 

And Steve’s in his 40s like I am, and my takeaway from the book was the world kind of tells us we have to be a lot of different ways and half the time, us men, we buy into that.  And before you know it, you turn around and you’re numb.  And this book kind of tells about that journey with you and to me it was a real eye-opener because it made me put more value on my relationships and the things that are important.  But tell us in your words what the book is about and I guess why you wrote it.

STEVE:  Yeah.  You know, it was a challenge actually that I’d gotten from somebody.  It was something I’d always wanted to do.  And they had heard a good part of my life and challenged me to do that as an exercise to write a few pages out of what the beginning of the book would be.  And when I started, I couldn’t finish.  And it became really a labor of love over about a seven- or eight-month period of time where I spent a lot of time at night in the wee hours of the morning writing this thing.

And the more and more that I wrote, the more and more I realized that I had something to say not just from my story but from other people, so many people that I’ve dealt with in the community, in church, in my business who are my own clients, and what have you.  All the people I’ve come across over the years.  And we have this common bond or this common story.  And it became apparent to me as I was writing that I was writing my story, but I was really trying to invite other people into their own story. 

Because we get in such a hurry that we’ve got so much noise going on with kids and the demands of our job and the television and the Internet and just so many things blasting us all the time and looking for our attention that we spend very little time in quiet and in thought and in trying to really stop and examine.  Am I after the desires of my heart?  Am I operating in my purposes and my passions?  Am I being intentional about my relationships?  And that became apparent as I was writing it and had some people, outside eyes looking at it.

And as I did, they told me you’re onto something.  Just keep going.  And so I did until it was finished.  And here we are.

JOHN:  That’s awesome.  If there’s one takeaway you want the reader to get from this book, what would it be?

STEVE:  I think it would be the same thing that I’ve sort of learned over time.  And that is that I have a pretty dramatic story, and some things that happened to me earlier, and almost dying in a car accident.  But everybody has a story, and that’s become a little bit of a cliché but everybody really does.  And what I’m trying to invite people to do is to engineer some time where they can be in their own quiet place and they can spend some time with a lot of questions that are asked in the book to really get pulled into their own story, not just get caught up in somebody else’s.

I had a friend say one time that I can’t get victory in my life by seeing victory in your life.

JOHN:  Right.

STEVE:  We’ve got to sort of do it for ourselves.  And so I hope it’s going to sort of funnel people in that direction where they sit and spend some time and asking what are some tough questions but necessary.

JOHN:  Right.  Yeah.  Well, it definitely made me ask some tough questions and I appreciate you writing it.  Is there a sequel?  Is there another book in the future?  What’s going on?  What are you doing now?  I mean, I know you’re a full-time financial advisor.

STEVE:  Right.

JOHN:  I’ll say that.  So what else are you thinking about?

STEVE:   Well, my wife’s answer to that would be no.  My answer is that I’ve got a couple of things that I’m working on that let’s see what direction they take.  But I am working on a couple.  I’ll tell you one thing that has been fascinating as people have read this.  The e-mails and phone calls from people that I don’t know very well and getting to hear their own stories.  One thing that inspires me is hearing other people and what they’ve been through. 

For all that I’ve been through, I’ve dealt with people now who have been through so much more, and I’m a storyteller and I like hearing things in that way.  So that’s something I’ve considered putting on paper is just other people stories and the lessons that sort of apply from that.  So we’ll see.

JOHN:  Cool, cool.  Well, look Steve, where can we tell our viewers that they can purchase this?  I know Amazon.

STEVE:  Yeah, right now Amazon,, we’re working on here in the next couple three weeks.  We ought to be in LifeWay and Barnes & Noble here.  It’s in Davis-Kidd up at Green Hills now, and we’re doing a signing there in April, working on a signing here as well.  A Kindle version, that’s in the works as well.

JOHN:  Awesome, good deal.  Thanks for coming on today, man.

STEVE:  Thanks.

JOHN:  Good luck.

STEVE:  Appreciate it, buddy.