Social media is actually a great tool for real estate but as Realtors we have to be careful to keep it "social". Posting home listings all over Facebook and Twitter can be a quick ticket to having no friends and followers. Most good agents in our area have figured out that social media can be a great way to network and build relationships that will eventually turn into clients and referrals.. One of the things that sets the top agents apart from the pack is the ability to take those mediums beyond networking platforms and create brand awareness and website visitors from them. Our video blog "Tuesday Morning Coffee" has created a great fusion between local real estate information and social media and also allows us to connect with viewers on a more personal level. 


Social media has been a hot topic this year among the real estate community and new approaches to social media are constantly developing for our industry but the bulk of them miss the mark on doing more than annoying both friends and followers. You'll be seeing much more real estate content as the lagging Realtors catch on, but I suspect (at least for the moment) that most of them will continue making the same mistakes as those before them.


"Can social media help sell a house?", you ask. Absolutely! You just need a Realtor who has embraced Facebook and Twitter for what they're meant to be and not as an advertising platform.