Tuesday Morning Coffee - Selling Your Home During The Holidays

In this edition of Tuesday Morning Coffee Murfreesboro Realtor John Jones talks about the advantages and disadvantages of listing your home for sale during the holidays.

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JOHN:  Hey, this John Jones with another edition of Tuesday Morning Coffee.  Guys, what I’m going to speak about today is kind of break a myth a little bit that the holiday season is a terrible time to try to put your home on the market or try to sell a home.  Yes, typically the spring and early summer are going to be your biggest activity months in real estate here in Tennessee and the United States of America.  I agree with you.  But you’ve also got to remember one thing as well.  That is when most of your sellers are going to be on the market as well.  Your competition is going to be a lot more severe during that time.

Right now, you have a whole pool of sellers sitting and waiting until the spring before they put their home on the market.  So by you putting your home on the market during this Christmas time or holiday season, you’re avoiding all that competition you’re going to have in a few months.  Therefore, yes, there’s going to be probably less buyers walking through your home.  But the buyers that will be walking through your home are serious, serious buyers.  You really know who the good buyers are during this time because nobody is looking at a home unless they have to have one this time of year. 

Another advantage to this time of year I think, and this may be more from a personal standpoint, I think that the Christmas decorations and the festive decorations are something that really put buyers in a good mood.  It shows off a home’s charm.  I think homes cannot look any better than they do during this time of year with all the festive greenery and wreaths on the door and those kind of things.  So all those things added up, this is a very good time to put your home on the market.  You have less competition; the buyers are more serious; and home’s look great then they’re decorated for Christmas.  Anyway, good luck.  God bless.  And we’ll see you next week.