Texting While Driving - Blackberry and iPone Apps for Realtors

Admit it. You've all done it. Your driving down the highway, a text message comes in and you go ahead and read it. Maybe you even reply and many of us have actually experienced the "almost accident" due to our CrackBerry or iPhone addictions. Now there's a solution to avoid those costly Driving While Texting tickets and fines that many states across the country have implemented. It's fittingly called www.DriveSafe.ly. This application can read aloud email and text (sms) messages sent your mobile phone automatically and even send an automated reply to the sender letting them know you're busy. You can customize the auto-response to suit and continue on to your next showing or listings appointment...safely. The upgraded Pro version of DriveSafe.ly offers a few added perks like the ability to read up to 500 words (the free version only handles 25) and the option to have a male voice read messages from male contacts and a female voice to read messages from the ladies.

Traveling in traffic or listig a home in the sticks...Stop by  http://www.ispeech.org/ and convert some of your documents or online books to an audio version so you can listen while you travel. Now can they just develop a Blackberry app that will read my mind and reply to all those messages with a censored version of my would be reply :)