John talks about our new Lifestyle Search that we launched over the weekend.


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JOHN:  Hey, guys.  John Jones with another edition of Tuesday Morning Coffee.  If I look a little excited this morning, it’s because I am.  I’ve got a new toy here.  Our new website, we’ve just unleashed or launched a lifestyle search tool for people looking for homes.  And what this allows you to do, if you go to, hit our search listings tab, pick “lifestyle search,” it’s a mapping search system that allows you to go in and you have the typical perimeters you would on any type of search, you know, bedroom, bath, square footage.


But it also allows you to go in and based on proximity to certain things or whatever’s important to you: movie theaters, dining, health and medical centers.  It allows you to also—which I think is awesome—draw to zoom where you can literally go in and literally draw an area of the county that you want to be in and just say hey, I’ve got to be in this radius and this is where I’ve got to live.  So it makes it very easy.  And the homes will just pop up there on the screen.


You simply take the mouse over the icon of the home, and it tells you everything about that property.  So it’s really cool.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  So even if you’re not looking for a home, it’s a pretty awesome tool.  Please go visit our website at and go to search listings tab and then hit lifestyle search.  I think you’ll really think it’s neat.  It’s just got a lot of good information on it.  Plus, I love the mapping feature of it.  It allows you to kind of connect with the area you want to be in.


So anyway, just one more thing we’re trying to add to help consumers out there like yourself.  So if we can do anything else to help you, please call us at 867-3020.  Thank you.