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In this episode of Tuesday Morning Coffee John Jones interviews Debbie Flowers, the Broker/Team Leader of Keller Williams Realty in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. In part one of this three part series they discuss the importance of staying positive in a down market and the nuts and bolts of the real estate industry, lead generation.

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JOHN:  Hey, John Jones here with another edition of Tuesday Morning Coffee.  It’s with great honor and privilege, I have an awesome old friend—not old.  Great friend, Debbie Flowers, with me today.  When I started in the business, Debbie was at Snow and Wall Realtors here in Murfreesboro, and I worked with her for several years.  And now Debbie is the broker team leader—

DEBBIE:  For Keller Williams

JOHN:  —for Keller Williams here in Murfreesboro.  Just wanted to make sure I got the terminology correct.  And let me tell you something about Debbie.  Debbie is one of the most positive people that I’ve ever been around in the business, and I can see where she is really doing a good job over there.

DEBBIE:  Thank you.

JOHN:  She was a great producer.  She’s gotten out of the production mode for the last five or six years and is more into managing and coaching and training, and she gets right in the middle of it.  So I wanted to have Debbie on today because I wanted to talk about the things that they’re doing over there and we were going to kind of share with some things I’m doing here.  And this will work for any industry.  Anybody in sales I think will benefit from this.  So it’s a real treat and I’m glad to have you, Debbie.

DEBBIE:  Thank you.  Thank you, John.

JOHN:  What I’m going to start off with today, Debbie, obviously the media is telling us that we’ve been in a recession now for 2-1/2, 3 years and there has been a shift in the market.  And it’s not the same market that you and I knew the previous 15.  And running a business, and as many agents as you guys have over there, what do you do to deal with that?  What do you do to train against the negative and keep those people upbeat.  Tell me some things you guys are talking about over there.

DEBBIE:  Well, first off, it like you and I discussed before.  You can’t listen to the media.  You’ve gotta just stop watching the news.  If we all listen to the news, we’d just stay home in bed and never get up, right?  Don’t you agree?

JOHN:  I would go jump off a bridge.

DEBBIE:  So I think mindset is so critical in today’s market.  Ninety percent of everything you do is mindset.  You’ve gotta have a passion for what you do, and you’ve gotta really care about these people because they have a lot of sellers and buyers out there that are struggling.

JOHN:  That’s right.  You were talking about affirmations.

DEBBIE:  Affirmations, yes.

JOHN:  And I know a lot of people think that affirmations are goofy or whatever, but I’m a big believer in affirmations.

DEBBIE:  Absolutely.

JOHN:  I’m a big believer in that.  In fact, I was telling you earlier I used to have laminated cards in my shower that every day I would sit there and say, “I’m a listing animal.”

DEBBIE:  I’m a lean, mean, listing machine.

JOHN:  A lean, mean, listing machine.  Do you believe in affirmations?  Do you talk to your people about that?

DEBBIE:  Absolutely.  Absolutely.  Affirmations every day.  You’ve got to speak positive every day.  “I’m a lean, mean, listing machine.”  “Buyers and sellers are attracted to me.”  “I have what people want.  God loves me, and no one can take that away.”  Those type things.

JOHN:  That’s good stuff.  I love that stuff.

DEBBIE:  Thanks.

JOHN:  Talk to me about the knowledge and the education stuff y’all are doing.  With the shift in the market, it’s not the same market.  I mean, in ’06 I derived about 80% of my commission dollars from new construction.

DEBBIE:  Right.

JOHN:  And about 20 from existing.  And for me that’s flip-flopped now.  So what are you guys talking about as far as where the market is and how to articulate that to your clients or whatever?

DEBBIE:  Well, one thing I always say is when you get out of the learning business, you get out of the earning business.  Always remember that.

JOHN:  That’s awesome.

DEBBIE:  Always remember that.  Education is so critical, and knowledge is power.  If you want to have the right mindset, get all the education you need to be a professional in whatever business you’re in and then your mindset is so comfortable that you feel comfortable with what you’re doing.  But lead generation, as you know, we talk about it.  Real estate is a lead generation business.  It’s how many people can you talk to every day about your business.

JOHN:  In fact, we both know the quote from your CEO, Gary Keller, your founder and leader.  And he says in his book Millionaire Real Estate Agent, “We are not in the real estate business; we’re in the lead generation business.”

DEBBIE:  We’re in a lead generation business.

JOHN:  It’s not too hard to help somebody find a home once they choose you to work with them.

DEBBIE:  Right.

JOHN:  The hard part is getting them to choose you to work with them.

DEBBIE:  Yeah.

JOHN:  We both had the good fortune, which was kind of unheard of 17 years ago and 23 years ago when you got in the business.

DEBBIE:  Right.

JOHN:  We had a leader, Howard Wall, at Snow and Wall, that was big into training.

DEBBIE:  Yeah.

JOHN:  And you didn’t get that back then.  And we were very fortunate.  But I can remember something Howard told me because when I started I was 24; I was scared to death.  And he said, “John, once you get through this training, you will know more than 95% of the people you’re going to come in contact with.”

DEBBIE:  Absolutely.

JOHN:  And that really gave me that armor to go out there.  When I had that knowledge, it gave me that armor and confidence to go out there and really have a shot at succeeding.

DEBBIE:  Absolutely.  And I want to give a kudos to Howard Wall.  You know, in your business you’re going to find—we call it the ring of five.  There’s five people that got you where you are today, and I want to say that Howard and Sally Wall are the people that got me where I am today because he gave me training knowledge that we did not get anywhere else back then..

JOHN:  No, it is incredible.

DEBBIE:  And it was how to get on the phone.  It was about lead generation.  It’s about passing out your business cards daily.  And if you remember, back in the day, he would have us go out back then in 1990 and pass out our business cards every day and come back and report to him of whose names and information we collected.

JOHN:  Yeah.  He held us accountable.

DEBBIE:  He held us accountable and we were doing the basics back then.

JOHN:  Right.

DEBBIE:  Before we even knew that that’s what we should be doing all along.

JOHN:  Right.  It’s amazing.  Well, guys, thank you for watching today.  Debbie, thank you so much.

DEBBIE:  Oh, you’re welcome.

JOHN:  And you know what?  We are going to follow it up with a part two that you’re going to see next week because this stuff is so good.  So anyway, thank you.  If you need us, call us or hit us at our website.