John Jones interviews the president of Star Power Alex Charfen

This week John Jones received the distinct pleasure of sitting down to chat with Alex Charfen, who is the founder of the CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) organization, as well the new owner of Star Power, an exclusive group of the nation's top real estate agents who constantly strive to better the real estate industry by sharing their knowledge with other agents. This summer Star Power will be bringing their annual conference to our hometown of Murfreesboro TN at Embassy Suites. We hope you enjoy this candid chat between Alex and John as they discuss Alex's recent acquisition of the Star Power organization, what to expect at the 2010 Star Power Conference (like a rare appearance by DAVE RAMSEY!), and why they chose Murfreesboro (as opposed to Nashville or another Metro city) as the host city for the annual event which perennially draws thousands of agents from across the US and Canada.