Partially. While the value of a property is greatly impacted by location along with condition, pricing is still the most important factor in selling a home.


However it could be said that "location, location, location" is the most important part of marketing a property. That's one of the biggest factors For Sale By Owner properties miss out on because they don't have the means to efficiently market their home.  It is the primary reason why most FSBOs are unsuccessful at selling themselves.


Your property's visibility on the web is key in the Web 2.0 age where upwards of 90% of buyers begin their home search by looking for houses on the Internet. You want your home to show up anywhere and everywhere.  The local MLS will soon be rolling out a platform to aid agents unskilled in generating an online presence, but it will be the agents who are seasoned in online visibility that continue to sell homes due to their extensive reach in cyberspace. When choosing an agent to market your home, consider the web the MOST important platform.  

There are a few agents in our area that do a great job of creating an internet presence for their listings and it's no mistake that those are the same agents that get the job done for their clients.