Q:  We’re thinking of adding a swimming pool.  How will that affect the value of our home?
A:  Swimming pools can have a significant impact on the salability of your home.  In general, pools don’t greatly affect the price of a home in our marketplace.  But they can sometimes severely limit the number of buyers interested in buying your house.  Especially in the case of an in ground one, pools can be a huge turnoff to many people, causing them to cross your home off their prospect list without even seeing it.  On the other hand, that same pool can be a huge added value that encourages other buyers to take a closer look at your house when they otherwise might not have done so.  Above ground pools are fairly easy to put up and take down, so they don’t have to limit your buyers when it comes time to sell your house.  However, if you have a septic system, make sure you don’t install your above ground pool on top of it.  Crushed field lines are potentially expensive mistake that can be easily avoided with a little research and forethought.
The bottom line is that you shouldn’t install a pool with the expectation that you will recoup the money poured into it.  Base your decision on whether or not your family is going to get enough fun and enjoyment out of the swimming pool to justify the expense of buying it.