Google Real Estate Search to change online real estate marketing forever?

It's now been a little more than a month since Google announced they are working on a real estate search engine. Today I came across posts by Joel Burslem on The Future of Real Estate Marketing blog and Matt McGee of the Search Engine Land blog and followed the stories a few pages in and eventually came to the live version of this platform in Australia.

Google Real Estate SearchAfter further investigation I happened upon the US version which is still basically a combination of Google Maps and Google Search that allows the user to customize the search with real estate fields such as bedrooms, bathrooms, garage capacity, square feet and price. 

To my delight our listings were well placed among those currently on the platform in the Murfreesboro area. I suspect this is related to our already stellar rankings in comparison to our local competition and am excited about the possibilities that may be ahead for our team utilizing this platform.

Check out this link to the Google Real Estate Search Engine. I see big things ahead for our industry if and when the big brains at Google get their Real Estate Search Engine and Google Goggles (which is VERY cool looking considering how it may affect the real estate industry) up and runnin' in tandem!


Imagine taking a picture of a property with your phone and instantly receiving the price, listing info, virtual tour, neighborhood map, community event calendar, and perhaps even the property tax information, floor-plans and more. This technology, no doubt, has the capacity to change our industry in a BIG way and our company is delighted to be at the forefront as innovators in the industry in both Rutherford County, Tennessee and the United States at large.