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With Facebook's testing of video advertising in August and Yahoo's recent news that they too are currently testing out the video ad as a medium for all advertisers, what should the advertising community expect? Will we see a less-than-perfect Yahoo product rushed out the door to capitalize on advertisers foaming out the mouth to try out the new feature or will we see Facebook finally release a well tested product out of Beta a little earlier than planned due to the heat of the competition? One must note the obvious comparison to the video ad battle that began with Google and Yahoo this time last year that seems to have fizzled out as neither of their products ever really caught on, in my opinion, largely because they weren't and still aren't offered in general search "ad spaces". 

It's an interesting rivalry that could be brewing between Facebook and Yahoo, and one must wonder if Google will stick to their guns as the traditional advertising powerhouse or get in the video ad mix again too.

Also worth noting is the Beta testing of Facebook's Polling ads. Which I have yet to see myself but is apparently in the works according to this article. I'm waiting rather impatiently to see what comes of all this, creating faux video ads on Facebook and wishing they would open like the Beta testers'. Regardless of how Facebook vs. Yahoo turns out I for one can attest to the video ads heightened CTR but am hoping that when the ads are released the commenting function is optional.

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