Week 3 of our Extreme Home Staging brings much progress inside this Murfreesboro home located in Minglewood subdivision. We start with a nearly completed bathroom makeover, a bedroom that has seen a complete transformation, another that is progressing quickly and finish this episode off with the completed garage reveal. Join Stephanie Morgan of This Is It listings and Lea Anne Bedsole of John Jones Real Estate take you through this home and show you the steps they've taken getting this hoarders haven ready for a quick sale when it goes on the market later this month.

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LEA ANNE:  Welcome back to the third week of our Minglewood makeover.  This house is looking amazing.  Along with the curb appeal and what was done last week, we’ve been working inside and doing some fantastic things.  Stay tuned because we’re going to do our garage reveal.  Let’s go inside now and see what Stephanie’s been able to accomplish.

STEPHANIE:  Welcome to command central of this home.  This doesn’t look much different than it did last week, but I have some exciting things to show you.  What we’ve done is we literally have used this couch as our command central.  In a few minutes, I’ll show you two rooms that were completely full, spilling out into the hall where we couldn’t even walk in them.  And they are almost conquered. 

We have cleaned out both bathrooms, and I don’t know if you remember, but there were things in one tub that were taller than me.  And we have taken down the wall paper; our painter and electrician are coming on Wednesday, so we’ll have new mirrors, new towel racks, all that stuff.  We’ll have great new paint, new fixtures in there.  And that’s going to get done pretty quickly.

We have wallpaper other places in the house that I just can’t get to yet because I can’t get to the walls, but we are on our way.  Here I am standing in the tub that had stuff taller than I was.  It had canned goods that had spilled; we scrubbed that out.  And even though it looks like a boring space right now, it’s music to my ears because listen to what happens (sings a high note).  It echoes!  That means it’s empty.  It’s cleaned out.  We are on our way to bye-bye brass.  We are on our way to great soothing spa-like colors to a beautiful shower curtain, a place that you want to come in your master suite.  This could be yours.

Some of the most exciting progress in here is that this door opens.  When we did this the first week, as our videographer peeked over my shoulder with his camera, I was leaned against it with my feet against this wall so that we could open it enough to even get in here.  Now we can come in, and you have no idea how excited I am about being able to walk around a fourth of this bed.  This has been just today’s project.  We just started this.

What we found is that especially working with the elderly, the homeowner’s mother hid things in every little spot.  And so it’s very much slowed things down where they’ve had to literally go through every piece of clothing, every shoebox, everything and check it out.  Here we are in a bedroom!  A bedroom that before, you couldn’t even get past here.  Now we can come all the way in.  Come with me.  We’ve cleaned most of it out.  It still has a way to go.  We will be cleaning our carpets, and if they’re not in great shape, we will be replacing them.  We’ll be taking our border down, great new paint color, and we’re just on a great roll in here.

LEA ANNE:  We’re getting ready to do our garage reveal, and I want to point out a couple of things that are fantastic about this house.  It’s got a double wide driveway in addition to having a nice large garage.  It will hold two full-size vehicles.  So it’s so exciting.  Let’s see how we’ve done inside.  This deserves a huge round of applause.  I mean, fantastic.  Two full-size automobiles will fit in here.  Not to mention, the storage all the way around.  Before, it would have hindered this home with the sale, and now it will probably help sell it.

STEPHANIE:  If you are in this process, be realistic.  As Lea Anne said, these homeowners have the best attitude.  We have laughed and we’ve worked together and just had a ball.  But they haven’t gotten frustrated because they understand the magnitude of their job, and they want to preserve and honor their mother in an appropriate way.

LEA ANNE:  It’s only been three weeks, and this really is a work in progress.  I think if this family had not undertaken this, it would have cost them maybe 20,000 to 30,000.  Once this makeover is complete, I believe we will be able to list at fair market value.  I think it’s going to be a great home for the next family.