This week we begin a series following the transformation of a home in Murfreesboro as we take it from hoarding haven to staged for a sale.

Over the next few weeks Lea Anne Bedsole of John Jones Real Estate and staging expert Stephanie Morgan take you through the entire process of preparing one of the more extreme examples of what can go into getting a home ready to sell.

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JOHN:  Hey, John Jones here with another edition of Tuesday Morning Coffee.  Guys, today I have great excitement as I bring to you the start of a series we’re going to be doing over the next few weeks on a home staging restoration process.  I’ve always wanted to do one of these kind of before, during the process, and after to give you guys a glimpse of how important home staging is in getting your home prepared to sale, especially in this market we’re in that’s so competitive.

Today, we’re going to start out with a home that is probably one of the more extreme examples that we’ve ever had.  An elderly mother moved back in with her family, had a lot of stuff, and it’s going to be a major project.  Lea Anne Bedsole, one of our spectacular agents, and Stephanie Morgan are going to take you through this process over the next few weeks, and I think it’s going to be pretty exciting to see how it turns out.  So stay tuned in with us for the next few weeks as we go through this and I’m going to introduce the first video today.  And this kind of shows you what we’re up against.

LEA ANNE:  Hello, Lea Anne Bedsole here with John Jones Real Estate.  We’re in Minglewood subdivision in Murfreesboro today, and we have some great things in store.  I’ll be meeting Stephanie Morgan with This Is It Listings, and she’s going to turn this disaster into a star.  Let’s go inside and meet Stephanie and hear what she’s got planned.

Welcome to your living room.  I know that so many people are afraid to put their house on the market because they think of all the things they have to do to it before they go on the market.  So this is just an example of some of the things.  And this could be somewhat like your home or nothing like your home.  But you’re going to see a huge transformation here.  This is Stephanie Morgan from This Is It Listings, and can you tell us a little bit about what you’re doing here?

STEPHANIE:  Sure.  This homeowner called and she needs to put her house on the market.  Her elderly mother has moved in, and her mother’s had a hard time letting go of her life.  And so we are helping her clean this house out and get it ready to sell.  We’re going to help these people get back to where they’re living instead of just existing.  And it’s just kind of a bit of chaos.

LEA ANNE:  Lots of stuff here that everyone needs.  I know I have at least a dozen or two of these.  We’re going to find the perfect spot for all of this.

STEPHANIE:  What’s happened here is an elderly mother has moved in and she hasn’t been able to let go of her life.  And so in this process and with other families we work with that are like this, what we find is a lot of healing where they come back to wholeness of kind of realizing what’s important and what isn’t.  And we’re going to have to make a lot of choices here to come to those conclusions.  But the family is ready and they have a great attitude and we’re going to get this place to where it needs to be.

LEA ANNE:  Okay, come this way and this is your kitchen and the laundry room area.  And basically they’ve got room to work in the sink.

STEPHANIE:  Here’s the master bedroom.  One thing we talk to people about is how we sell our houses isn’t how we live in them.  And obviously, this is going to be a tough sell if it were like this.  But in a few weeks when you look back, I think you’ll see that this is a place of refuge where you would want to come and hang out, truly find rest, and we’ll give it a spa-like feel and put some control back in life.

This bathroom has pretty much become a storage closet.  The family who lives here uses the one bathroom and this little sink, but obviously, this is kind of out of commission right now.  And so we are going to put it back together, and it’s going to be a livable home with space and order.

LEA ANNE:  We’re going to be using this microcut paper shredder a lot over the next few weeks.  So you might be wanting to look for a yard sale in Minglewood.

STEPHANIE:  When we go back here, obviously, we’re going to start cleaning from the door because we can’t get past it.

This is a bedroom and when this suitcase isn’t here, the person whose room this is sleeps on this half of the bed because everything is so covered in stuff.  And so we’re going to give them a good place to sleep and get a good night’s rest.

LEA ANNE:  They’re going through everything piece by piece to make sure nothing gets thrown out of any value.  But soon enough, this will be a great place to house your two cars.  So we’ll be looking forward to that in our next episode.

STEPHANIE:  We don’t see this every day, certainly.  But if your home is in this shape, please call us and let us help you.  It’s about getting back to your life and having a life and getting out from under this stuff.