Canon EOS Rebel T2i - Cameras for Real Estate Agents

Anyone looking for a new camera? A quick heads-up. The soon to be released Canon T2i (550D) looks to be the clear winner for best value in the foreseeable future. It includes all the features of the stellar T1i plus a higher resolution LCD screen (actually better than the $1,000 more expensive 7D), full manual controls in video mode, and my personal favorite perk an external mic input. It also has a number of frame rate and resolution options for the video modes. It's a photo/video all in one dream for me (as I kick myself for getting the T1i only 4 months ago). The photo functionality remains largely the same, but for the convenience of video this camera will crush everything anywhere close to it's price range. Not interested in video functions. I suspect the price of the T1i will drop tremendously when this puppy hits the market on Feb. 24th. Retail on the Canon T2i is set for $799 body only or $899 with the kit 18-55mm lens.

Want a great real estate setup? A Canon T2i with the kit lens and a 10-22 mm will run you $1,500. Add a tripod, SD card and a cheap lavaliere (clip-on) microphone and you'll be set to handle just about anything. Want the basic works package? Throw in a 55-200mm lens and a 50mm and there won't be much you can't handle. Then buy a bag for all that stuff and the Canon EOS T2i book that they'll surely release around the same time and for under $2,000 you'll have more than enough to handle everything from listings and sports to family and artsy fartsy. I suspect you'll see a very immediate ROI that makes it worth 50-100 times what you just spent over the next year or two. Not to mention all those photos of your kids and grandchildren will be markedly better...maybe even good.