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Got a Blackberry? Have a hundred emails that need to go out saying basically the same thing but to different people? Here's your solution Moblyo QuickResponse for Blackberry.

This application allows you to set up an email template, but the brilliant thing they've done is allow you to set fields so you can just plug in any info you choose such as name, address, price, etc. before sending the message.

This app is a real time-saver. I've been using it for close to two years to send out a nearly instantaneous first-touch emails when someone signs up on our site. The beauty is that the person on the receiving end knows it's not some genereic computer generated email because it comes from a Blackberry and thus has the "Sent from my (wireless company) BlackBerry" in the email footer. The boost in response rate you'll receive from this personal touch is outstanding, and the time you'll save is unbelievable. The possible uses for Moblyo are really endless and would work in most industries. Not to mention QuickResponse is very inexpensive with the price coming in at a cool 20 bucks.

Real Estate Technology Blackberry Application

Here's an example of one I use:

Hi %name%,

The home you inquired about at %address% is listed for %price%. Would you like me to have an agent get in touch with you to set up a showing? If you have any additional questions need anything at all just let me know and we'll be happy to help you. Thanks for visiting

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