15 Characteristics of a Top Producer - Motivational and Inspirational

In this continuation of last week's episode of Tuesday Morning Coffee, Murfreesboro TN based real estate agent John Jones rounds out his list of the 15 most important characteristics of people who are top producers and performers in their industry.


JOHN:  Hey, John Jones here with another edition of Tuesday Morning Coffee.  If you were with us last week, this is a part two of the 15 characteristics of a successful person or top producers we call it in the real estate industry.  But it also applies to anybody in any facet of their life.  Last week, we ended at 7, and if you want to go back and revisit that you can go to our TuesdayMorningCoffee.com website and look for that.  But this week, we’re going to start with No. 8.  No. 8 says top performers or top producers are never satisfied, and what that means is kind of like what Coach Krzyzewskisays at Duke.

He says, “We hunger not for success, but we hunger for excellence.”  If you hunger for success, you can become successful.  But if you’re hungering for excellence, you’ll never reach perfection, never reach excellence, but you’ve got a pretty good shot at being great or successful if that is your aiming point.  No. 9, top producers know the power of belief.  And what I mean by that is the brain simply believes what you tell it most.  If you think about something and you tell yourself enough times that that’s what’s going to happen, the brain will start to believe it.  Sometimes it’s just playing with your brain there.

No. 10, top producers work as part of a team.  I don’t know one successful person whether it be a president, a great leader, a CEO, a great athlete that did not have help along the way or did not have a team or did not have a coach.  Ray Kroc, the great founder of McDonald’s quoted as saying, “None of us is as important than all of us.”  And that’s something that a top performer usually has in their arsenal is that they understand they have to have people around them to help them.  No. 11, top producers follow proven methods.  They master the basics, the little things.  In our business, scripts and dialogues. 

They know those things inside and out.  A top performer studies people that are successful before them.  Why go back and try and reinvent wheels?  Learn.  Our libraries are full of great books, of great leaders, of great people.  Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill.  Those folks showed us a path to success.  George Washington is one I just read about.  Unbelievable leader.  Our first president.  Go back and learn what successful people do.  Get in the habit of learning their methods.  No. 12, top producers initiate activity.  A top producer does not wait for things to happen.  They make it happen.  They don’t just sit around.

There’s a great quote out there.  “There are two kinds of people: Those who do the work and those who take the credit.”  And you would rather be in that first group because there’s a lot less competition.  A lot of times, just being a great performer is just going out there and taking initiative and starting and creating something, creating the activity.  No. 13, top performers give their best in every situation.  They never go into a situation saying, “You know what?  I’m just going to try to go through the motions here and get this over with.”  

There’s something inside of them that says, “You know what?  If I’m going to be here and I’m going to be doing it, I’m going to do my best.”  If they show up to work sick one day, they’re still going to do their best.  They’re not just going to lay around.  They’re not going to waste any opportunity to be successful.  No. 14, top producers focus on priorities.  They always have a list of the things or they always know the things that it’s going to take on a daily basis to become great and they focus on that list.  No. 15, top producers don’t read their own press clippings.  A top producer, once again, they’re never satisfied.

They never go, “I had a great month.  I’m going to take it off easy this month.”  They’re always constantly striving to be better.  And I’m going to give you a bonus one.  No. 16, top performers build on their basic strengths.  I think so many times we look at trying to correct our weaknesses.  And let’s face it.  God made every one of us a uniquely different person.  And I think we get caught up so often in working on the things that we’re not good at anyway and that are not our aptitude that we waste a lot of valuable time.

Why not build on our strengths?  For instance, if you’re a great power hitter in baseball, then you probably don’t need to spend a whole lot of time working on bunting.  What I would try to do is even become better at hitting that ball over the fence or being a good power hitter.  Nobody is good at everything, but everyone is good at something.  I know in my career in my business I was never really good at the day-to-day mundane things of real estate such as inputing MLS listings, such as sending out postcards and things like that.  What I was good at is working with buyers and sellers and building relationships.

So finally after beating myself over the head, I finally said, “You know what?  I’m going to hire an assistant to help me with these little things and I’m going to concentrate on being good at the things I’m already good at and the things I enjoy doing.”  So anyway, those are basically our 15 plus a bonus 16 characteristics of a top performer.  I hope these things help you and allow you to go into this new year with some focus, and maybe you picked up something here that hit home with you that you can take with you into your career or into your passion.  But anyway, if we can ever help you, please contact us at JohnCJones.com.  Thank you.