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5 Mistakes Sellers Make Pricing Their Homes

by John Jones

Tune in to hear John discuss 5 mistakes to avoid if you're considering selling your home in this hot market!

FHA Reduces MIP Rate

by John Jones

The FHA is lowering the Annual Mortgage Insurance Premium on January 26th! John gives a brief insight into what that means for new FHA loan home buyers.

Do We Have A Housing Shortage?

by John Jones

Do we have a housing shortage in Rutherford County? Tune in to hear John explain what different price points mean to buyers and sellers.

December 2014 Housing Statistics

by John Jones

Tune in as John recaps the real estate market in Rutherford County for 2014 and forecasts 2015.

November 2014 Housing Statistics

by John Jones

November Housing Market Stats for Middle Tennessee are in! Tune in to hear John's take on what this means for you as a buy or a seller!

October 2014 Rutherford County Housing Market Statistics

by John Jones

During this episode of TMC John discusses the October housing statistics.


JOHN:  Hey, guys. Tuesday Morning Coffee. Mmm, that’s good coffee. Talking about market statistics for October. Another crazy month. Last month, if you recall, was a really big jump in our percentage rate of closed sales and pending sales. This month, same thing. We’re up 30% over last October. We’re up 21% in pendings, which means we’re probably going to have a big November as well compared to last November. Year to date, we’re up. We have sold 9.4% more homes than we have last year. I anticipate that to get to at least 10% by the end of the year.

Our average days on the market are down 61 days, 61 days in October of this year, 68 days last year. Our average closed price is up from 181,000 to 192,000, so $11,000 increase in average closed price. Things keep trending up. I’m not 100% sure why. I know these rates are still low. How long they’re going to stay low, who knows? I’ve been thinking they were going to come down for three years now, so what do I know when it comes to figuring out rates? I don’t know anything.

What are we seeing going forward? I think we’re going to stay pretty vibrant. I see that a lot of people back at work. Our foreclosures are way down over what they were. I think they’re kind of washing out. The one thing I think we’re going to have to pay attention to, the cost of construction coupled with the fact the cost of development has gone up for a lot of different reasons. Materials, regulations, water tap fees. For instance, in the county right now our water tap fee was $1,000. Instead of just raising it a few hundred bucks, gradually, they raised it to $2,800. Well that $1,800 somebody’s got to pay for it, and ultimately it’s the buyer of the home.

The electric company is charging where they used to go into subdivisions and supply the electricity, Middle Tennessee Electric did to have the customer base. Now they’re charging upwards of $900 per lot. That used to be zero, so I’ve just given you $2,700 right there and nothing’s been—you don’t really get anything else for it than what you were getting before the charges. So there’s a lot of things going up, and it’s going to make the cost of development, the cost of lots are going to be more expensive, which the market’s going to have to work it out for us. But bottom line is builders are going to have to really be smart and probably not be able to give you as much in the home if it’s the same square footage. And of course, gradually, the prices are going to go up.

Anyway, that’s what I have. Call me if you need anything real estate related, 867-3020. Thank you.

John Introduces our New Stress Listing Agreement

by John Jones

Tune in to hear about John's new No Stress Listing Agreement!

JOHN:  Hey, guys. John Jones here, Tuesday Morning Coffee. Happy Veterans Day. I want to
thank all the veterans out there that have served this country and are currently serving this
country. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for protecting our freedoms of this
country, and just thank you. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Today, I want to talk
about our new plan we’re rolling out. It’s called the No Stress Listing Agreement or Marketing
            Just about two weeks ago, I moved out of a property myself, and it let me remember and let
me have more compassion for the folks that we help every day on what a stressful thing moving
is. I hate it. I’d rather lay down and let you kick me for 30 minutes than have to move. With this
No Stress Marketing Agreement, let me tell you what it offers our clients. Number one, it gives
you free staging consultation. We have a stager on staff that can come in, help direct you on
the things you need to do to get top dollar for your home as far as decluttering, color changes,
anything like that. She’s awesome. She’s a professional.
           The second thing, the free use of our moving truck is a part of this agreement. We have a
moving truck, a 15-foot box truck to help you move things and get things organized if you need
it. Another component of this agreement is there’s no time limit. You fire us anytime you want.
We’re not going to tie you into some big agreement. If you don’t feel like we’re doing the job
for you, you fire us. The fourth thing is if you find the buyer on your own and we had no
procuring costs to finding that buyer for you and you want us to step aside of the transaction,
you don’t owe us a dime.
       It’s hopefully to take stress off of you, to help you, to make this as easy as it possibly and stress
free as it possibly can be. Thank you so much. I appreciate it, and if you need us, we’re at 867-

John changes Tuesday Morning Coffee up a bit this morning with a rare glimpse into his 22 year real estate career in the Middle Tennessee area.

Hometown Rivalries and Housing Statistics

by John Jones

Hometown Rivalries and Housing Statistics... Tune in to hear John discuss both!

It's Raining, It's Pouring... It's Water Under Our Home!

by John Jones

Tune in to this week's Tuesday Morning Coffee to hear John talk about water in crawlspaces.

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